Our Staff

                                                                                               ERA consists of a multi-disciplinary staff of environmental specialists.  
                                                                                                                   ERA staff include the following professionals:

Ms. Rachel Okoji


Ms. Okoji is President of ERA and an Industrial Hygienist.  She has over 12 years of experience in industrial hygiene, site characterization, exposure assessment, exposure modeling and risk assessment.  Ms. Okoji has extensive experience in evaluating site conditions and the development of conceptual site models.  She is responsible for management of the ERA Industrial Hygiene Program that includes the indoor air and indoor mold program, health and safety consulting and implementation, environmental site assessments and applicable toxicological consulting.  Ms. Okoji also supports the ERA toxicological risk assessment practice providing both preliminary human health risk evaluations and site-specific human health risk assessment.  Her qualifications are extensive and include knowledge of federal and state Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, NIOSH RELS and USEPA Preliminary Remediation Goals and MCLs.  Ms. Okoji’s duties include Phase 1, 2 and 3 Assessments, toxicological assessments, risk assessments, environmental impact statements, industrial hygiene projects, air studies and public relations support.  In her time at AMEC Earth and Environmental, Ms. Okoji was promoted to Certified Project Manager and managed or co-managed dozens of industrial hygiene, health and environmental planning related projects in Hawaii.  She has worked in collaboration with the Hawaii State Department of Education, Hawaii Department of Health Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response, Solid and Hazardous Waste, Clean Air Branch and Noise, Indoor Air and Radiation Divisions.  Ms. Okoji has significant experience in working with public groups and individuals especially as they pertain to the explanation of technical and health related information to the public. 


Mr. Jeffrey Morrell, P.E.


Mr. Morrell is joining ERA as a Principal and Partner focusing on environmental engineering, investigation and remediation. Mr. Morrell is a Hawaii-licensed Professional Engineer with over 25 years of civil and environmental engineering experience. He is a seasoned program manager and project manager who has managed environmental investigations of multiple facilities, remediation of large RCRA and CERCLA-regulated sites, as well as multi-year, multi-facility compliance programs. At a previous firm, Mr. Morrell was the chief engineer for metals and petroleum remediation projects in Hawaii, and was responsible for restoration of hazardous waste-affected sites, and construction of a multi-million dollar sanitary wastewater treatment plant. Mr. Morrell managed the design and permitting for one of the first dam decommissioning projects conducted in Hawaii, and the multi-million dollar design and re-construction of the replacement of a damaged spillway at a large, high-hazard earthen dam.


Dr. Russell Okoji, Ph.D.


Dr. Russell S. Okoji is a Principal and Senior Technical Advisor for Environmental Risk Analysis.  Previously, he was the Environmental Division Manager for AMEC Earth and Environmental’s Pacific Region.  Dr. Okoji received his BS in Applied Ecology from the University of California, Irvine, and his doctorate in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of California, Los Angeles.  He has been associated with ERA since its inception in 2006 and has more than 16 years of academic and environmental professional consulting experience. As AMEC’s Pacific Region Environmental Division Manager, he oversaw a team of 15 environmental scientists.  Dr. Okoji’s current responsibilities at ERA include Program and Project Management for a variety of project types including toxicological assessments, risk assessments, environmental impact statements, industrial hygiene projects, air studies, both small and large scale Phase 1, 2 and 3 Assessments, and public relations support.  Dr. Okoji is the ERA commercial  sector lead but is also responsible for developing DOD opportunities, new capabilities and service areas, leveraging existing contract vehicles, building and enhancing relationships, pursuing new contracts and alternate funding sources, and increasing ERA’s geographic presence. 
Dr. Okoji has extensive knowledge in both federal and state environmental regulations.  He has received commendation from the Hawai‘i State Department of Accounting and General Services for technical support and community relations support related to an asbestos and lead exposure event at an Oahu school and multiple commendations from both the U.S. Navy and ATSDR for his roles on the Orote Landfill and Pearl Harbor Naval Base RI projects in Guam and Hawai‘i, respectively.

 Mr. Vincent Yanagita

Senior Project Manager/Risk Assessor

Mr. Yanagita is a Project Manager for Environmental Risk Analysis LLC (ERA).  He serves as an environmental scientist with specialization in toxicology, human health risks, environmental compliance, energy conservation, and industrial hygiene.   Mr. Yanagita has performed human health studies in collaboration with government regulatory agencies local, nationally, and internationally for various commercial and federal clients.  He has performed risk assessment evaluations for multiple chemicals of concern in a range of different media including soil, groundwater, surface water, and soil vapor.  His responsibilities consist of toxicological consulting, preliminary risk evaluations and site-specific human health risk assessments.  Mr. Yanagita is also certified as a project monitor and inspector for asbestos assessments and abatements as well as a lead risk assessor.

Mr. Yanagita also has experience in general environmental site characterization and assessments, and has been trained in energy audits.  He has conducted a multitude of environmental site assessments inspecting commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties for environmental hazards and regulatory compliance.  He has performed multiple environmental media sampling including collecting soil, water, and air samples in multiple environments for both the public and private sector.  Vincent has worked on a wide variety of projects using multiple sampling tools and procedures.  His experience as an environmental consultant includes preparing reports for clients and regulatory agencies and providing clients with professional guidance for all environmental concerns.